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Frecuently asqued questions

What shipping company do you work with?

The Best Alpaca cares a lot about the shipping time, which is why we use an EXPRESS shipping company, with DHL EXPRESS being our faithful partner who makes deliveries in record times to all parts of the world.

Which are the delivery time?



Shipping to:

Delivery Time (*)


2 to 4 days

Canaday Mexico

3 to 5 days

Central America and the Caribbean

3 to 5 days

South America

3 to 5 days


4 to 6 days


4 to 6 days


5 to 7 days


5 to 7 days

(*) Calendar days (except weekends and Holidays) counting from the day the order is shipped. Orders are generally shipped on the next working day after they are received.

Can I use a P.O. box?

 DHL does not deliver to Post Office Boxes. If you want to use this service, please use a regular address for shipping.



How about additional Customs duties?

THEBESTALPACA.COM is exempt from additional Customs duties at destination, if these were charged by internal regulations of each country.



Should I expect additional rates fees?

DHL rates are variable depending on the weight, once your order is done we will confirm if your payment covers the DHL rates or if you must add an amount, which with your authorization, would be paid additionally.



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